Friday, April 7, 2017

Birthdays And Other Things That Make Me Smile

The birthdays at our house cover every month from February to June, then take a jump to September. We just celebrated two, eight days apart - Jennifer,
who turned nine March 30 
and Charles,
 who is four today.

Jennifer got her much longed for
Birthday party 
which her mean mom
(or is it more of a lazy mom?)
never let her have before,
and a lamp to put beside her bed.

Tea party
(except it was Apple Cider and
Hot Chocolate...)

And pie in place of cake.

We celebrated Charles in super simple fashion last night because little boys don't care so much how big the celebration is, as that it is about them and that they are the center of attention

The picture showed a yellow bus cake but he wanted Blue,
so Blue it was...

He got a book and some candy
wrapped in brown paper
and he passed out candy and
re-listened to his book with 
whosoever would
and thought it was all amazing.
Little children are so 
easy to please.

Things tumble around in my brain these days but they are the kind of things that only seem thing-ish when they're in my mind, so I will leave them there to tumble and churn and develop and show you some light, surface-y things that make me smile.

This view never gets old.
Before we moved into our house, I thought I would like it best when the leaves were on the trees and I was hidden away from view. Now that we're here, and I'm looking out at this every morning, I'm not so sure.

There was snow in the air this morning; some of it even had the audacity to stick to the ground. But Spring is here! I love watching the green creep into the landscape on my drive to and from school every day.

I'm having fun slowly turning 
our house into a cozy home.
There's something about putting pictures on the wall and making a space yours that just makes my heart happy.

I'm loving this canvas for 
the boy's room!

But then, I'm also loving these plates
in their wonky little cluster.
Maybe because I've had them tucked up in my cupboard for years and they deserve to be seen after all this time.
I picked up the two small ones years ago at a yard sale and the other two belonged to my grandma.

I need to run along and take
 care of mundane things like 
laundry and dishes. 
I hope your weekend is full of little things that make you smile.
Like a child, it might be the smallest gifts wrapped in brown paper!


Anonymous said...

I really like the canvas! So cute and funny:) also your cake looks amazing. I always have some crumbs scattered and some icing that didn't smooth quite properly. Yours looks perfect. How did you do it? M.A.G.

Ellie Miller said...

I just love the canvas/picture of your boys. You've given me an idea for a wall in my house. ☺

Bethany Eicher said...

Thanks! I think it looked better in the picture than in real life ☺ It helps to spread a thin layer of frosting on first and let it set awhile or even pop it in the freezer for a half hour and then frost a top layer. Also, since I broke down and bought one of those spatula/knives that are specifically for frosting I think I can make a cake much smoother!

Bethany Eicher said...

When I came across that saying I was so excited about putting it with that picture!