Monday, May 1, 2017

Sentiments From A Busy Weekend

After a busy weekend spent hosting family, I am left with piles of dirty laundry, bleary eyes from lack of sleep, tired children who overslept this morning and came home from school in various stages of complete meltdown and a heart full of warm, sentimental feelings. 

For some reason, in the quiet left after the hubbub of activities and meal prep and chatter, I am left with a deep impression to cherish the moment.

We only have today. Truly. Are my petty grievances and annoyances really worth it? Are my to do list and my appearance and my house really that important? 

I'm not promised unlimited time with these people that I love. Am I loving them well? Do they know that I love them?

I'm not promised another chance to make good memories. Am I making the most of the opportunities I have? Am I taking notice of the gift of today? Am I placing importance on the most valuable things?

Someday these little people will be the big people. Someday today will be the past; the heritage my children look back on. My time here is short and fleeting.

What I do today is important. It might not seem like much in the moment but it is a whole string of todays that make up the future. What I do today will matter.

I might not get another chance to stop and listen. I might not get another chance to do something special. I might not get another chance to say I love you.

Don't take today, and the people who are in it, for granted.


Samuel & Lois said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you...for this very timely reminder!! My children left this morning for school , and I'm not so sure their feelings for their mama were so very pleasant. :-( Busy days, late nights, some negative situations can cause for grumpy children AND parents! And, then I feel so guilty, and resolve to do better. THEY, my PRECIOUS children and husband, are the most important aspect of my life...and why do I find it so easy to forget that?! Thanks again for this post!

Bethany Eicher said...

I am right there with you. In fact, I almost felt guilty last night for even posting this! I need to be reminded as much as anyone!! Blessings.