Monday, June 12, 2017

Story #2: Introduction

Once upon a time -- three years ago maybe, three and a half? -- I stumbled upon a blog. I have tried my best to remember how I found it. Did somebody share a link somewhere? Did I click on the author's name in the comments on someone else's blog? I believe it was the former but I am not certain. All I do know, is that when I discovered the goldmine, I stayed.

I spent ...well... way too much time going back through the archives the other day, trying to remember when I first started reading. I found my first comment in May of 2014 and that's about as close as I'll get, I suppose. Not that it matters, really. It just would have helped to make this little intro post more interesting and complete, which would satisfy a particular something in my writer heart.

Nevertheless, once upon a time I stumbled upon a blog. The author was a certain Shari Zook who, I eventually put together, was the daughter of the famous John Coblentz. My parents knew John Coblentz, see; these kinds of connections are important, you know.

Shari immediately swept me in with her Confessions of a Woman Learning to Live. I dug back through the archives and played catch up and then eagerly received each new post. I alternately laughed and cried. I applauded her authenticity and stood in awe of her deep thoughts, around which I often struggled to wrap my small brain. I stole her birthday ideas and heatedly hashed her singlehood and marriage ideals with the man at my house. I ached at her losses and rejoiced with her gain.

I've never met Shari in person; she probably has no idea I've felt all these things about her writing. Blogs are an illusory way to form "friendships"; if the bond formed through words can even be given that title. I've always imagined Shari as older and wiser and just a bit above attainable to a shy, backwoods girl from Arkansas. In my searching back through the archives the other day, it dawned on me suddenly that I am, in fact, older than she. That doesn't prove the other sentiments false but it does show how imaginations can go wrong.

Shari very graciously agreed to share with me the story of how she met her husband, Ryan. I am honored to have her here and I hope you will hop over to her blog and enjoy her refreshing honesty and candid take on life. Story coming tomorrow......


Anonymous said...

Yay! Love reading these and i love that blog too

Shari Zook said...

Okay, I am visiting here for the first time in a while and really laughing. Especially at "she probably has no idea" (that would be correct) and "older and wiser and just a bit above attainable" (a howl for me). Thanks, Bethany. I'm not quite worthy of your high opinion but it blessed me. You have an online voice I really value, and your words have often brought me joy. Bless you.

Bethany Eicher said...

Thanks, Shari.☺