Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another 31 Days Series

Well friends, I have decided - over much cappaccino, apples and peanut butter, cheese sticks, crackers, and such like - to take up another 31 Day writing challenge. Actually, it was more over a word in my ear and much thought and prayer, but I thought the picture looked cool :)

So, yes. I think I mentioned the idea awhile back, and here we are at the beginning of January and I've put my hand to the plow and I shan't look back! Actually, I have a pretty good idea that I will look back, but I promise I won't turn back, how's that? Its another subject that, I've decided, needs to be written out for my own personal benefit more than anyone else's. Its something that has been turning and evolving and developing in my mind over the past 3 years or so, and, hopefully, in writing it out I can sort through and understand what I believe in my own heart.

You are more than welcome to listen in these next 31 days. I invite your input, your questions, your arguments, your opinions.... I doubt that this is a subject we are all going to agree on perfectly, and that's ok!

Several things I might mention: I am not going to be posting links on facebook every day. I don't know if I can explain all the "why" of that but that's what I've decided. Mostly, I guess, I don't want you to read along just because it's something that shows up in front of your face every day. If you want to read it, you can find it - fair enough? :) Also, I might choose to post every other day, or some other version of "writing for a whole month", we'll see.

Please pray for me. I'm excited about sorting out and making sense of my thoughts and ideas but I'm feeling very vulnerable and scared as well. I am titling this series --- 31 Days: What Makes a Mennonite a Mennonite?

Happy New Year!


  1. Excited to hear more! :)

  2. Sounds good!! :)
    Hope y'all had an enjoyable Christmas! Happy New Years to you n yours! Thankful God never changes.

  3. As a non-Mennonite, regular reader of your blog, I am very glad to hear you will be writing this series. I have been increasingly interested in the Mennonite faith and lifestyle, so I look forward to what you are going to share.

    1. Welcome, glad to have you reading along! Blessings to you in your interest - I hope I don't scare you off or anything :) If you have questions or input along the way, please feel free to share them. I value "outside" perspective!

      God Bless, Bethany


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