Tuesday, January 2, 2018

First Day Of Two Thousand Eighteen

It started out bright and serene,
A day that was fit for a queen --
   The smallest of plans,
   No schedule demands;
First Day Of Two Thousand Eighteen.

But in a fate twist unforseen,
Straight downward the day did careen.
   "I don't feel the best,"
   My pale son confessed;
First Day Of Two Thousand Eighteen.

He soon turned from pale to light green,
A bucket completed the scene.
   But that was just one,
   We'd only begun;
First Day Of Two Thousand Eighteen.

As fast as the dominoes lean,
Then topple in piles as you've seen.
   Another turned pale,
   "I'm sick!" Came the wail;
First Day Of Two Thousand Eighteen.

The night was a sleepless routine,
Of visits made to the latrine.
   Both upstairs and down,
   The flushing did sound;
First Day Of Two Thousand Eighteen.

The episodes numbered 'umpteen',
And mother became a machine.
   To steady the bowl,
   And comfort the soul;
First Day Of Two Thousand Eighteen.

The smells and the sounds were                                                           obscene,
The whole business screamed out                                                       "unclean!"
   Would night never end?
   The sun not ascend?
First Day Of Two Thousand Eighteen.

The mother, she vowed to houseclean,
Till all would be fresh and pristine.
   At last they all slept,
   As light upward crept;
First Day Of Two Thousand Eighteen.

The sun rose on folks pale and lean,
With no thought for fancy cuisine.
   And I will not lie,
   We sure did not cry,
   As we said Good-Bye,
First Day Of Two Thousand Eighteen!


  1. Oh Bethany I'm so sorry you have family is "tossing their cookies". We drink flat Coke when we have those stomach issues. I hope everyone is better soon.

  2. Oh I am so sorry this was the beginning to your year, but I have to admit, your writing made it almost, almost, humorous. Hope everyone is better very soon and you don't succumb too.

  3. oh my! that's no fun... is slightly overused words in this scenario. hope your day 2 is a bit better.

  4. That's terrible that people are sick in your family. However, I enjoyed your writing:-)

  5. How are things on the home front Bethany?

  6. Thanks for the humour!! Especially when my boys all got sick one after another... we all had a good laugh despite the stomach aches...

  7. I got such a kick out of this, Bethany. (I also could relate to some aspects of it, since some of us had the stomach flu over Christmas time.) I liked the way you could bring humor to a nasty situation. I hope your days in 2018 have been improving since the first!

    1. You're not going to believe this but your comment came in as I'm laying here on my bed with a bucket taking my turn after thinking I had surely managed to escape!! This will be a Christmas vacation to remember.

  8. Hahahaha! I hope this is enough "after the fact" that I'm allowed to laugh, because you wrote about it so well. I know it's horrible while you're going through it, but it DOES make for a good story. :) Thank you.


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