Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ride That Ocean!

I should throw in some funny post about my children about now, or at any rate, something that's not so "preachy"! Hate to disappoint but I guess my dial is set on "preachy" right now. The fact is, I feel like a person drowning in the ocean, somebody suffocating in a fire. Why did God create us as beings who so desperately want control? It's so easy to say glib things about trusting God, viewing every moment as a gift, etc etc. But 5 steps into God giving me a prime opportunity to let Him show Himself strong- I'm drowning! Suffocating! I gotta know the end of this story!! I mean if I just knew the end of mine would turn out like Joseph's everything would be great, ya know? Joseph didn't know, yet what did he do? He climbed aboard ship and rode that ocean! Jumped out of the window of the burning building and breathed freely! Me? I settle for clinging to the life preserver and calling for oxygen and think I'm really having faith! You know what it takes? It takes dying to selfish little ol me... Oh to learn it!!

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