Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanks Giving for His Faithfulness

Well, it's Monday. Not just any old Monday! It's Monday after a full and busy week end with company and family all together and yummy food and helping give the first Christmas program by the Antrim Mennonite Choir! I had a very dark week a lot of last week. So weary of struggling and all seemed heavy and I felt so weak. Praise the Lord He is faithful!! I feel revived, refreshed and peaceful. Life hasn't changed but I've been given the courage to go on! A woman to woman chat did wonders but understanding, care and the highest compliment a wife can receive all from my favorite man was just the thing I needed. I'm so thankful for my Father's faithfulness to me! And now it's back to real life... My children are determined to make it very "real" it seems! :) I think we'll all take naps this afternoon! I hope all of you had a refreshing Thanksgiving week end and that you find Him faithful to meet every need that you face this week! And now it's on to the countdown for Christmas and family time with my family!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Dark In Here Lord

It's dark in here, Lord, oh where is the light?
I can't do without it, I'm too weak to fight.
It's dark in here, Lord, how then can I see?
The pain and the hardness take hold upon me.
It's dark in here, Lord, is this the right road?
It feels terribly rough with this awful load.
It's dark in here, Lord, how then shall I walk?
I know the "right" things but they're all empty talk.
I wait in the darkness, this blackness so near,
will there be an answer? Or is God not here?
The darkness is close, and still my ears strain
. And then comes the answer in words very plain.
"Mistaken, my child, it's not dark in there.
And, yes, I am here and, yes, I do care.
This darkness you speak of is what you surmize,
The truth is, my child, you have covered your eyes!
You've chosen this darkness. You choose not to see
The light I have placed there, the scraps of beauty.
Uncover your eyes, child, there's plenty of light.
Uncover your eyes and you'll be alright!"

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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Sometimes words flow from me like a fountain-thoughts and ideas and truth and insight blend into a coherent string of inspiring manuscript. Tonight it flows from my eyes and soaks my pillow. Why? It's simple I guess. One word really. It's spelled: homesick. Tomorrow our rentor is leaving our house and I can't bear the thot of it sitting there all alone and lonely. I want to rush back to it and gather it in my arms and replay all the happy memories we shared with it. What a silly thing to turn me on my ear but it has done it very effectively! I want to turn on God accusingly and say "Did we really hear You right? How can this possibly be the way?!" I want to demand some clear indication that, yes, this IS the way. I know I'm crazy but the thought of that empty house, the house we filled with such warmth and happiness only months ago, sitting empty and forlorn slays me. Not to mention the fact that here I have no house. No place to call our own. Why God? Why? "This IS the way..." who said that?!? Ok Lord.