Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why the hurting, Lord?

All around us people hurt, some are just skin deep.
Others sear and scar intensely causing us to weep.
Sometimes words will cause us hurt, sometimes just a look.
Oh the many ways of hurting-you could write a book!
Moms and Dads they hurt their children or it's switched around.
Friends hurt friends, spouse hurts spouse, sad as it may sound.
Preachers often hurt their members or, again, it's switched.
Hurts can even pass to others if they don't get fixed.
One's own hurt, though hard to deal with, can be put to rest.
But to watch another hurting is a harder test!
If you've felt the pain they're feeling you can empathize.
This, in turn, can ease your hurting though your heart still cries.
But the hardest pain to suffer is when standing by,
having nothing you can offer you can only cry.
Oh the ache! The dreadful hurting!
How you long to heal. How you long to take away
the hurt and pain they feel!
Lord, I ask you, why the hurting? This one thing I know,
Heaven will be pain free living, how I long to go! I Cor 13:12
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

On Life and Reality

I am coming to a realization that I'm not quite sure how to convey, but one that has the potential of changing a person's life. Nice and vague, hu? :) I guess it's this: I spend a lot of my life wishing for things I don't have, hoping for things that may never happen, longing for changes that my Father might never have meant for my life. I get upset with my children if they're not content with all their many toys and whine about that wonderful thing "if they would only" have. I tell them to straighten up if they're wishing for different circumstances when I know that what they have is really good for them. I know my Father is not mere human like me, but if so I expect he would be quite frustrated with me sometimes! There's so MUCH He's given me, why then am I still wishing? After my trip I was feeling like I was in a very dark place. Everything felt heavy and dark and hard. I wanted to tell God I just can't do what You're asking of me right now! It's too dark, how can I "walk"? And He seemed to tell me so plainly, "There's plenty of light, Child. I've supplied plenty of small gifts and bright spots of light on your path. Your only problem is this: you've put your hands over your eyes!! Remove your hands, look around. It's not really dark!" What a patient Father! If it would be me I'd say how many different ways do I have to tell you this?? But He just patiently keeps showing me the way...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Real Life

Well, its back to real life after a week end packed with 2 days of traveling and 1 day soaking up family time. I never dreamed it would be so hard to come back! Feels like I've lost all my "ground" and am back to floundering in dark waters. I don't like this reality. Don't want it. Would do anything to change it! Yes, I know all the "right" things in my head.... God knows what He's doing, there's much worse realities, it's all what I decide to make of it, etc etc I'm feeling like a rebellious child! Lillian is sitting here fussing about the foot she hurt last night and I'd like to just join the tears and crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head. So, this is real life at the moment. Not exactly pretty, but there it is. No more trips to AR for me I guess :) No, I know it's my heart not any trip or circumstance. Guess I need a visit with the Surgeon........