Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Are You Really Asking For? Part I

There was once a man, a Bishop of a prospering little church. He and his wife a small daughter had a good, happy life. As the years passed and his influence rose, he began to dream of building a large Cathedral that would bring glory to God. Soon, his time and efforts were being spent on committee meetings and worry about how to raise the money for such a project. He spent less and less time with his family. Now there was a very wealthy lady in his congregation. She pledged a large amount of money under one condition: the Cathedral must be built in honor of her late husband. This, the Bishop did not want. He wanted it to bring glory to God. And so, he continued to worry and pray. One day a man appeared in his office. He informed the Bishop that he was an angel, sent as an answer to the Bishop's prayer for help! He would stay with the Bishop as his "assistant" until his problem was solved. The Bishop was not too sure about this, especially as the "angel" was not what you would expect in an angel!

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