Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Are You Really Asking For? Part II

The angel was introduced to the family as Dudley, the Bishop's new assistant. As the Bishop did not ask his assistant to represent him at his many meetings, Dudley took it upon himself to represent the Bishop to his wife and daughter. With this the Bishop was not at all pleased! At every turn he found his assistant telling stories to his daughter or taking his wife places while he, the Bishop, attended to important meetings. As his frustration grew he decided there was only one answer. In desperation to be rid of the angel, the Bishop paid a visit to the wealthy lady. He agreed to have the Cathedral built in her husband's honor according to all of her specifications. In return, she would donate her money. Relieved to have his problem solved, the Bishop informed Dudley his mission had been accomplished. He could leave! "Oh?" asked the angel. "Yes!" declared the Bishop, "Now be gone!" The angel gazed at the Bishop. "Your prayer brought me, your prayer must now send me away." And so, the Bishop prayed.

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