Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Are You Really Asking For? Part III

Much to the Bishop's chagrin the angel stayed. You see, "Dudley's" mission was not yet complete. It was his turn to pay a visit to the wealthy lady. She was astonished to find this stranger knew her deepest secrets and intentions. His visit brought conviction and repentance in her life! The Bishop and his wife, in their regular round of visitation, found a woman with a complete change of mind. She now wanted no part of a Cathedral but declared the decision to use her money for the people who really needed it! The Bishop was astounded and not at all happy. The name "Dudley" only deepened his anger. Back home Dudley appeared and declared his mission accomplished. He would now leave. "But my prayer has not been answered!" said the Bishop. "Oh yes." Returned the angel calmly. "I asked for a Cathedral!" the Bishop angrily exclaimed. "No," the angel shook his head quietly, "You asked for GUIDANCE!" *This is a condensed version of a story I heard recently. I will share how it spoke to me in my next post...

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