Monday, July 18, 2011

What Are You Really Asking For? Conclusion

Hopefully you aren't sick of seeing this title by now :) I must admit I am a bit. It doesn't feel "fresh" to me anymore after stringing it out over 4 posts. Anyway, I listened to this story recently and that last line "You asked for GUIDANCE" just hit me hard! I do that so often. I pray and I ask and I plead and God sends His "angels" to steer me in the right direction but I don't see it as that. So I try to "fix" things myself and then God sends some more "angels" to straighten out my attempts and I'm left standing there saying "Why??! This is not what I asked for!!" And God is saying "Oh really?" The truth is, what I really wanted all along was what *I* thought was best and I pretended I was asking God for GUIDANCE. You know, "if He would just SHOW me what to do I'd do it!" Oh really? The next time I pray for something I want to stop and think: Am I really asking for a "Cathedral" or am I really asking for guidance?? What are you asking for?

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