Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And I call myself a Christian?

I had a real "smack between the eyes" yesterday. I've had this battle going on inside for some time now: "As a Christian can't I have even one little pity party at least once a week?" or something like that. I mean, you know, I know you shouldn't whine but I deserve some slack now and then, surely. Especially when things really are tough and not many people would put up with it at all! I said something of this nature to a friend of mine. And, like true friends do, she told me the cold, hard truth. She told me as a Christian I should be giving thanks in all things, casting my cares and rejoicing evermore. I should be acknowledging the tough and then building up all the good. She told me more but I'll leave it at that. Smack! How could I really be wondering about the pity party business? The instructions in the Bible are quite clear! I needed that "jerk upright" and I'm glad my friend cared enough to tell me the truth. When God has laid it out quite plainly, is it asking too much for me to obey?

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Patti said...

well I would leave a long comment, but starving children you know...I would hate to have to add guilt to your pity party;)