Thursday, September 1, 2011

Choice Time

To be honest, a blog post is just not bubbling out of me today. I have a nasty, throat scratchy, nose stopped up, head achey, cold which is making me less then sociable. Added to that my monthly visitor arrived yesterday. Added to that all I want is to be tucked away in my own little house with solitude and my family..... Yup! It's really one of those "grey" type of deals. Not really boo hoo-ing and pity party-ing grey type, just grey and blah. So, what does a person do about it? The easiest thing for me to do is disappear off the scene. Hibernate in my bedroom with some reading or writing and be anti-social. I realize I need to make a choice this morning. Am I gonna settle for blah, drab grey? Or am I gonna dig out the "magic markers" and start making some bold, colorful strokes? There's colors I could grab if I'd push aside the grey curtain and reach for them. Life is always a choice and what determines the outcome of my day is really me. So, what will it be? One of those grey days? Or rainbows?

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