Monday, September 19, 2011

the Father of mothers

It's Monday morning and in a few hours I'll be facing 35 dozen ears of corn that need to be cleaned, blanched, cut off the cob and tucked in the freezer. I should just be thankful we found corn this late in the game but I must say thankfulness is not at the top of my feelings this morning! After a week of first one sick child and then another and then me yet too, I'm not feeling very thankful for some reason. It's so easy to add to the list of less then happy things! I was pretty grumpy and cross about everything yesterday....having to stay home from church with sick children was just one more thing to add to my list and I felt like I needed to get aWaY but it never happened. Then God, in His ever creative, ever understanding way, gave me 4 emails to make me smile and lift my spirits. Besides that He blessed me with hugs and kind words from my husband that felt like a nice, hot soak in the tub! So, this morning I'm searching for "happy" like buried gold, knowing that God is the loving Father of Mothers!

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