Thursday, September 22, 2011

Like Sunshine and Clouds

Grey skies with clouds hung low greeted me this morning as I stepped out to kiss my husband goodbye. Grass heavy with dew wet my feet as I left to take children to school. The skies of my mind hung heavy and the tears of my soul threatened wet as I drove the quiet trip back home. Why is it so hard to live above the mire of self pity and discontent? Why so hard to hold tight the many gifts and cling instead to countless hardships? We are human and God made us to be so. But His grace is intended, like sun through the clouds, to sweep away the gloom and reveal beauty in the dew drops, silver in the grey clouds. Yet, as mere human, I find it taking more than just saying "all is grace". It takes accepting the gift, yes, but even more a conscious choosing to focus on the beauty, the silver. And sometimes...sometimes it means taking myself in hand and creating the sunshine. A walk with daughter, a cuddle with girlies, early moments with husband, baking those simple but it sweeps away like sunshine!

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