Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On God's ways of lifting spirits

Apples. Boxes and boxes of them waiting to be made into applesauce. A coughing, wheezing, runny eyed, hard breathing 3 year old who's nights have ended up in your bed. That's about all it takes to make stress build and worry rise and spirits heavy. But God has these ways of touching spirits even then.... Going to church Sunday when you thought you'd be home with a sick child and chats with 2 kindred hearted women are like a dose of much needed medicine! Starting Monday and then deciding, we're going to a Dr, and then husband takes off work to come home and do the details! A mother-in-law busily working at apples while you're gone and then husband going the extra extra mile and helping cut up the rest of the apples with you! Yes, God has His ways and for that I am very thankful and blessed! And He uses mere lumps of clay to fulfill His ways.... Lord, make me soft and pliable in your hand so that I, too, become a blessing to those around me. It's the small acts that touch hearts in the biggest ways!

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