Monday, September 5, 2011

"That's the way my mom always did it!"

It's a cloudy day outside and a tomatoey day in! Two and a half bushels of tomatoes are now juiced and in jars. I'm tired and ready to get out of the house! Apples are coming up later this week and corn next week... Makes me even tired-er! Today I had to think of the impressions I'm making on my children. How many little quirks in your process of canning tomatoe juice, for instance, come from "the way my mom did it"? I add canning salt to mine, Janice never heard of it. Why? Because my mom does it that way! That doesn't make it the only way to do it to be sure but "mom's way" just seems right! Funny thing is, I doubt my mom even stopped to realize she was teaching me some of these things. I sure don't think about it! But I'm sure someday they'll say "mom always filled the blender to the top!" or "Mom never cooked it before putting it through the sieve!" Not vitally important, no. But makes me stop and think about the impressions I'm making! Good ones...and bad ones...makes me want to be more intentional!

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