Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thoughts after attending a wedding yesterday...

To my Sweetheart: Dear Christopher, as I sat and viewed the wedding ceremony today with all it's pomp and circumstance. As we talked and discussed, and I pondered the true meaning of love and what marriage stands for, my heart swelled. Love is really not about all the extravagant extras and you have lived that out in our relationship beautifully! For all the petal strewn, carpet laid pathway you have strewn my path with thoughtful, caring acts of service. For all the flowers and candles you have shown me the beauty of shared laughs and thoughts. For all the singing and instruments you have mastered the art of "playing" me-my feelings, my emotions, my body. Knowing me better then I know myself. For all the fancy vows you have lived out the solid, old fashioned, "In prosperity and adversity". Money can't buy the kind of love we share but today I realized I am a millionairess in the love department! Thank you for all you've taught me, all you mean to me. I love you forever and always, your little girl

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