Monday, December 5, 2011

He came.....for ME!

The Christmas Message overcame me last night. I was standing with a choir of abt 50, singing to a crowded audience. Singing glibly about the Messiah and Away In A Manger and Ring Christmas Bells. The message was sliding over me in the intensity of remembering words and music and watching the director and, in short, performing perfectly. And then we were singing an old song, an easy one with no special parts but very profound words and suddenly the Message penetrated - "Born a babe in a manger, never a lowlier birth! Born afar as a stranger Jesus came down to earth. Tho He was King of Creation, Lord of Eternity, stooping low as a man could stoop, Jesus came for me! ....How can it be that He loved me, walking that pathway for me, from Bethl'hem's hostile manger to cruel Calvary?" My heart and eyes were suddenly full! How can it be, indeed? Stooping low....for Me?! What an amazing story! And it's not just a story. It's a Father. My Father!

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