Tuesday, December 20, 2011

He is Faithful. Always.

I've been taught all my life that God's grace is sufficient, all things work for good, etc etc. And had anyone asked I would have sincerely said I believed it! There's nothing like experiencing it though. This whole "Abraham" experience of moving w/o a place to live has been difficult for me. I've cried and I've despaired. Yet in the midst of it all I would always find God's grace right there, like a rock, and gather up the courage to go on. I've learned something about the way God created women through all this. I never realized the deep, inborn desire God gave a woman to care for their own. I never realized the deep satisfaction in performing all the mundane tasks for one's own. Never realized how empty life is when it's not full of demands and responsibilities. I hope my eyes have been opened for good. There's so many little things that I took for granted and now realize are a privilege! God really can use all things for good. Always. Even when I can't see a bit of the "why" in the middle of it!

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