Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm finally back! Feels good to be typing in this space again. It's been a wonderful Christmas break.... Family time, playing games, opening gifts, talking about Jesus' birth, working on a puzzle, just being together... Then, it was back home to gather up our stuff and move it to the trailer we are going to be "house sitting" for the next 2 months!!!! Sorta strange to use someone else's stuff but oh! So lovely to be just us 6 again!! Moved our stuff Monday and spent Tuesday getting everything situated. Wednesday my 2 sisters and 3 nieces came down from Holmes County for the afternoon. Wow! What a privilege to host family!! We ate chili and made tortilla snow flakes, fried them and sprinkled with powdered sugar, yum! Then played lots of games and looked at photo albums. Could have gotten really sad when they were leaving. Now all the things I was looking forward to are past and done. God sure knew what He was doing when He supplied this house just before Christmas break!!! I'm just amazed over and over at the perfectness of it all!

I'm trying to get my thoughts together on what all I've been feeling about having my own house again and what I've learned about the way God created women through this whole 5 months of living in with my in-laws. There's alot swirling around in my brain but I haven't been able to get it all together in a tidy little post yet :) We have internet access while we're here so that's new deal as I usually post from my phone and can't do anything long or "fancy". I'll have fun playing around with that :)

It's dark. Hubby is off to work and the 4 youngsters are still tucked in. Aaaahhh! Love quiet time in the morning! Which shall I do? Read blogs, read a book, hang out on Facebook, add to my list of 1,000 Gifts, curl back up in bed........ Eeenie meeenie .....

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