Monday, December 12, 2011

Selfish old me

Nothing really significant today ... just plain old me. Me with my struggles and my ups and downs. Me with my children who had stomach flu last week and gave it to me, and my in-laws who are great until you live with them for 4 months, and my new state of Ohio which is fine except nothing like my old, familiar Arkansas. Realizing anew this morning how easy it is for life to become all about me. Even to grudgingly going along to my husband's company Christmas Banquet because I hardly know the people. Selfish, old man, me! I feel rather isolated these days and that's a great excuse to focus only on me. Actually, there are 8 others living in the same house as me who would benifit from some unselfishness! So, I'm opening my eyes a bit wider and purposing to look out the window instead of in the mirror and thanking my Father for yet another nudge in His direction.

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