Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Learning Path

God does such unexpected things. We've been offered a trailer to "house sit" for 2 months. Why does my human (or woman!) mind instantly go to all the cons feels too weird to use someone else's stuff, someone I don't even know! Or, is it really worth all the trouble of moving belongings, food, etc for 2 measly months? And, but then I'll just have to come back to this living in business, why bother? ... All of that when I've been silently (and loudly) imploring God for some movement on His part, some parting of the waters, some WORD from Him to point the way! I think I'm scared to hope, afraid to get excited. The realization shames me! I don't want to be that person, really. I want to be that person who joyfully lives in anticipation of God's surprises and when they come accepts them with relish and excitedly waits to see what He will do next! Is such a person possible? More and more I am beginning to believe it is. Oh to learn it! To not just read about it or know it in my head, but learn it.

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