Thursday, January 19, 2012

Now I'm "Nobody like mom"!

Today is one of those days when I have a fleeting wish to not be a mom. I'm dying to get out of the house! I'd love to traipse off to town, visit my husband at work, sit at the library for hours (w/o keeping an eye on kids), meander through stores looking for things for ME.... Reality is, I've got a sick 3 yr old on the recliner and I'm not going anywhere. And, the truth is, I'm glad I'm her mom and there's no one else in the world who can take care of her like me! I remember how it felt to be sick as a kid and there was just no one quite like mom. No one else had the same soothing words and cool hands. No one else thought of exactly what you'd need to make you more comfy. It's a special role to fill and it's kinda thrilling to realize - I'm that person now! So, I'll be happy at home today, soothing, straightening covers, making toast, giving tylenol, brushing back hair.... Town will still be there tomorrow, or next week..... I hope!

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