Monday, February 27, 2012

Gender / Personality / Spirituality? #1

I'm going to try writing about a subject I've been rolling around. I'd love your input! :) I can only write short posts, so I will try to break it up in sections. Chris and I have this on-going differing in the way we respond to life's situations. Case in point: This week end we have to pack up and move back in with Chris' parents. We knew we would only be staying here 2 months but now that the end is here I could so easily struggle and cry about it. Chris, on the other hand, knew the end would come, knows there's no other option (much as he'd love to be able to provide one), therefore, what's the use in ruining the last week here just because we don't look forward to leaving? Now tell me: is that just the difference in gender, or a difference in maturity/spiritual level? I know we women live primarily out of emotion and men out of facts. So is this difference in response just part of the way we are made? Is it ok to "feel and cry and struggle"as long as we don't stay there? Or is there a "higher road"?

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