Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Of Husbands, Dresses and Sympathy

O what a day! I spent 3/4 of my day on a sudden impulse to surprise Jasmine w/ a new dress since it was her birthday, she needs dresses and her gift isn't here yet. She was duly impressed until we tried it on. It fits snug across the shoulders and the neck is small! I could have sat right down and cried. I just made a dress recently with the same pattern that fits fine! Then I made a big mistake and texted Chris. You and I know all I wanted was some sympathy, right? Guess what I got? All kinds of ideas on how I could fix it and surely it's not impossible, just a pain, etc. How many dresses has he sewed? ZERO. I know very well that it was all his way of showing care but I sure struggled to see it as that! Thankfully tomorrow is a new day and hopefully my perspective and levels of forgiveness, joy and love have reached a new height by morning. For now I'll try to close it down and hopefully dream of something other then dresses and husbands who think "giving solutions" is synonymous with "showing sympathy"!

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Anonymous said...

Aww! I'm so sorry!

(There. Is that better?) :)

I really am sorry for you. I would feel the same way, especially since sewing is not yet my favorite activity. But hopefully your new tomorrow will bring new energy and joy too!