Monday, February 20, 2012

One of those days kinda days

It was 5 this evening before I even remembered that I write a blog post on Mondays! If you would know me very well you'd know something major was up because that is not me at.all. This week is winter break so having all 4 children home all day makes for a very different day for starters. For finishers, there's a bunch of drama going on at home in AR that's heavy on my mind. It's been there for 5 months but today was one of those "mind full" days. I spent alot of my day texting, writing email and on the phone. And the rest of it wondering "should I have said that?" and "how do I get in these situations?" So, I'm being vague, but the Gingerich family and the church at Shady Lawn need prayers if any of you care to fold your hands on their behalf. Please pray that satan and his confusing of the situation would be brought down and that God would move mightily in people's lives. I don't know what else to say. It's one of those "this doesn't make any sense God but that's ok" situations, and I'm resting in that!

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