Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gender / Personality / Spirituality #3

When I received no input on this subject I very nearly deleted my posts and skipped the whole idea! But my non-feeling oriented, right hand man told me "No, you can't do that. Just leave it and write about something else for now, your feelings will change later." Oh thanks! :) Then he added "That's why if you live by principles (truth) instead of feelings you don't mess up as often." That flamed my fire again! I fully believe God made women to be "feelers". I only have to look at my oldest son and daughter to see that we're BORN that way! I also see the truth in Chris' statement. So, what is a woman to do? Say "I'm just made that way"? Stuff the feelings and say "I'm not gonna feel, I'm gonna live by truth"? That has been my frustration the past few months. I have been seeing that it's possible to choose truth and God really does want me to be Joyful all.the.time. I've also found the feelings are still there-I still feel like crying when I find out we only have 2 wks left here! So, how to reconcile the 2?

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