Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If Emotions Were Colors

Our trip to AR was painted with every color in the palette. It's hard to describe the sharp contrasting of beautiful and hideously ugly, happy and deeply sad, relaxed and stressed... It was good to see everyone again, to spend time with family. But it was so hard to not have Isaac and Jasmine sharing the fun! We did accomplish our mission of selling our place and bringing all our earthly belongings back here. If I ever move again I think I'll sell it or burn it and start over!! :) I look at all the boxes and misc junk and wonder WHERE it all came from! It's not a very good feeling to go back and feel out of place but have no desire to return to "home" either. My littlest girlie has been all colors too! Can't quite figure out if she's sick or if all the goings on have just been too much for a 2 year old. I'm beginning to think it's a severe case of the latter! I'm tired. Inside and out. But I'm thankful tonight for a never changing Father who uses all the colors of the palette to paint His Masterpieces!

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