Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chapter 1. In Which Mr Know-It-All Meets Miss Stuck Up

It was January 1998. I, Bethany Gingerich, attended Calvary Bible School for the first term. Having enjoyed my time immensely, and being persuaded by 2 friends who were staying all 12 weeks to return, I put in an application to go back for the 4th term since it wasn't full and I lived only an hour from the school. Meanwhile, a certain Christopher Eicher arrived at CBS for 3rd and 4th terms. And so, the two of us spent three weeks on the same campus. We never spoke a word to each other as far as we can recall but made some hard and fast impressions: I didn't have to talk to HIM to know that HE was one of those cocky know-it-alls. And it didn't take much observation for him to see that SHE was snobby and self righteous. In our wildest dreams we never once believed that it was possible we had met our future life long companion! (This is the first chapter in a series of Thursdays where I will be sharing the story of how Chris and I met. Comments and questions are welcome!)

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Noltia said...

Ohhh this is very interesting!! Can't wait to hear what happened next! :)

Anna Friesen said...

I was there. Could never have imagined it either.