Monday, April 9, 2012

The day after the day before

It's been a duh kind of-wake up with a headache after a full day away and coming home late-day. All I wanted to do was sleep! Thing was, I could have, except for 2 little girls who also had a full day and came home late. Possibly they woke up with headaches too, who knows? Judging by their frequent tears and fussing, there's a good possibility! Of course I didn't think of that and offer them tylenol. I just spoke to them sternly and doled out discipline as needed. Sigh! It wasn't a very good day in case anybody wondered. I'm not even going anywhere with this, just in case you wondered about that too. Pretty much just glad that tomorrow the sun will rise on a new day. A day who's slate is clean and clear with no headaches and fewer tears and a lot more energy. And if there's not another day? Well then, Halleluia! That would pretty much take care of all the other things I could yowl about tonight but won't! A thot: "It's the painful testings that hold the possibility of powerful testimony..." -Ann Voskamp

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