Friday, April 13, 2012


The first 2 sheets of drywall got put up yesterday in our "shop house"! So fun to go out and see something happening and feel excitement surging up! Recently I had the frustrating experience of struggling with some areas in my life I really thot I had learned something about. Know what I mean? I really thot I had "gotten" some things. Was different. Turns out I'm not so "arrived" as I thot! I know this stuff, why don't I change?? I realized I'm a little like that shop building. I want it to be turned into a house with all my heart. Wish it would be done yesterday! But nothing's gonna happen out there unless we spend time on it. Chris is gonna have to take some time off work, we're gonna have to decide on the next step and DO it. My life is alot the same way. Getting truth is only the first step. The only way to change is by intentionally deciding on the next step and doing it. I might even have to "take some time off work" before real change happens! The spirit is willing but the flesh is Oh so weak......

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