Monday, November 26, 2012

Making memories

It's fun doing things for your children just because you especially know it will make them happy. Today jasmine has a friend here for the day! It's a first for ohio (i'm ashamed to admit it) and she was so excited. Something brought "clay cookies" to my mind, so i planned to mix them up to occupy part of their time. I remember numerous times as a child enjoying the fun and mess of clay cookies. You make the dough and color small portions then shape with cookie cutters or whatever your imagination can think of and bake them. They had a lot of fun and it was something the little girls could enjoy with the big girls. Like usual, toward the end we got sick of it and the cookies got bigger and fatter and less and less creative :) there was a nice, big flour mess and the stack of dishes is still waiting for me ... Still, i hope someday somewhere some more mammas will remember clay cookies
with fond memories and stir some up for their children! :)

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