Monday, January 28, 2013

If only i had...or maybe not...

I suppose there are many reasons jesus said we should become like little children. One has to be their simplicity and creativity! I'll be honest and admit, i've struggled with my little house the last month (i know. Somebody spank me and transport me back to last year when a house, any house, was all i wanted!!) which proves my point without me even trying: contentment is not about what we have! Enter little children who have just as much fun with an unmade bed, a cooler, and an odd assortment of mom's dishes and theirs as they would with lots of room to play and all the latest toys! In fact, i think sometimes they're happier with old cartons and things out of the cupboard and a corner :) perhaps my happiness doesn't depend as much on drawers to put things and a space for boots and coats and.... As i think! I know that in my head but to actually change my outlook and feelings because of
that knowledge is different. I doubt "mom, she's messing up my fun!" was on jesus' mind tho....

Friday, January 25, 2013

Three Randoms and Have a Happy Weekend!

Lesson 1: I'm not a good cleaner. Oh, I'm good at keeping the house decently straightened up and looking clean. But really cleaning, (think under the couch, under the stove burners, the shelves in the fridge, windows...) not so much. I like to think this is a good attribute. Surely it's better to not be so fussy and have more time to enjoy 'important' things! :) I've not been up to par all week, battling a cold that just won't go away. Yesterday I decided to clean the inside of the fridge just so I could feel accomplished! I am amazed how every time I open the fridge today those shiny, unsmudged, glass shelves smile up at me and perk me up! ** Lesson 2: A 4 yr old's ability to eat heartily and request a granola bar fresh from the oven for dessert, only to eat half and say "I'm full!" Hmmm... so am I but I could eat 3 more! *** And then a quote... Jennifer was laying on the floor last night and needed a pillow to prop her elbows on. Lillian informed me later she needed 2 pillows, one for her "kneebows"! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is there a Higher Road?

When the mouse/rat chews holes through tupperware and your best tea towels. When the children's coughs keep you awake night after night after night. When your whole head feels stopped up and all you want to do is stay in bed in a dark, quiet room. When it's 9 degrees in the morning and already 11 at bed time and you have to take children to school next day.... Is the best I can muster - "At least my child's not in the hospital like theirs!" "At least I have a cozy house in this cold weather!" "At least I have an understanding husband who lets me take it easy!"? Yes, these help me stop and re-focus and consider the many things I have to be thankful for. It's much better than sitting around complaining! But is there something more? Is there a higher road? Is there the possibility of actually thanking a Good God, who does all things well, for these things that are mine, accepting that just maybe they are gifts for my good? Yes? I my head. If only someone could show me exactly how this should look!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

When flexibility pays back

How's my week? Well, my Tues plans had already fallen by the wayside b/c of a sick child, so I cheerfully went on to Wed. Thur had "appt w/ Midwife" penciled in, so I had things that needed to get done. About 10:20 my phone rang. midwife..."Hello" "Hello Bethany, were you still planning for today or are you just running late?" Uuhhh.... Sure enough, the card said plain as day: Wed, Jan 16!!! "It would suit me best if you could still come today..." Uuhh, sure! No problem. Chris already has off tomorrow to go w/ me, I'm not one bit ready to go anywhere, there's clothes in the washer, it's rainy outside, this is an hr and 20 min drive...."Sure! Let me see what I can do and I'll let you know what time." I could not believe it!! Thankfully I've been married 11 yrs to the "spur of the moment master" and have had lots of lessons on flexibility! Crazy scrambling ensued...but an hr later I was alone "calmly" picking Chris up and we were off! Guess what? He still has off today to work on our bedroom!! :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

'girls night out'

It is hard to explain the intricateness of our souls... How physical, emotional and spiritual are all tied so closely together and affect each other... How sunshine can boost our spirits and good (even heated) long talks with partners can untangle threads and putting the children to work instead of letting them do their thing while mom quickly does it all can end up in fun satisfaction on everyone's part. and how a father/son excursion for the afternoon and a mother/daughter jaunt to the library and out for ice cream can make me smile and realize how very much i do love these little ladies! There's been other things this outpouring of my heart into the ears of a caring lady at the sewing the other evening, a phone call and restored communication again, answered prayer for my mom's surgery... God has also been at work on some areas in my heart that i'm scared to face squarely.
Yes, life is a delicate balance. But "girls nights out"definitely tip the scales to" happy"! :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

This, That and the Other...mostly Other...

I have struggled a lot w/ writing lately. I like blogs that have regular posts, so I have always tried to have somewhat of a "schedule". Usually even when I didn't think I'd have anything to write, some inspiration would strike. Well, lately nothing strikes! Not sure what all the reasons are for that. I think 1 may be that it was easier for me to write when I had no idea who was reading :) Also earlier I was so excited about writing that the limit on length didn't bother me much, now I chafe at not being able to write w/o carefully choosing every word. And then, there's been a lot going on inside that I haven't sorted out very well myself which leaves me w/ nothing to say! Maybe I should just stop writing for awhile, or maybe I should share recipes or something completely different for a change. I don't know. Today was back to regular school schedule and it felt good to return to some structure again! Felt like maybe my insides might find their "rythm" again too one of these days...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

When Inspiration Doesn't Strike

It's something to 12 in the morning and I'm sitting on a little chair beside Lillian's bed. It's her turn for the flu that the rest of us took turns with while we were in AR. (Yes, every one of us was sick sometime in those 9 days. It was a memorable vacation if nothing else!) I think Lillian's acting worse than anyone else did! True, my turn was recent enough to know that you feel miserable! Still, do we have to lay half asleep and moan and cough and need mom's hand to touch? The rest of us just hunkered down and slept but it seems that's too much to ask of little miss who wants it all. You wonder why I don't just take her to bed w/ me? Me and children in bed don't mix. Never have. And right now I'm already sharing my bed with a big ball of a stomach. Nope. Might as well sit up and be awake rather than lay awake unable to move in my little spot for fear I'll wake someone up! Btw, this isn't meant to be an inspirational post. I tried an inspired post 3 times and it wouldn't. So I didn't. Happy New Year!