Saturday, January 12, 2013

'girls night out'

It is hard to explain the intricateness of our souls... How physical, emotional and spiritual are all tied so closely together and affect each other... How sunshine can boost our spirits and good (even heated) long talks with partners can untangle threads and putting the children to work instead of letting them do their thing while mom quickly does it all can end up in fun satisfaction on everyone's part. and how a father/son excursion for the afternoon and a mother/daughter jaunt to the library and out for ice cream can make me smile and realize how very much i do love these little ladies! There's been other things this outpouring of my heart into the ears of a caring lady at the sewing the other evening, a phone call and restored communication again, answered prayer for my mom's surgery... God has also been at work on some areas in my heart that i'm scared to face squarely.
Yes, life is a delicate balance. But "girls nights out"definitely tip the scales to" happy"! :)

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