Friday, January 25, 2013

Three Randoms and Have a Happy Weekend!

Lesson 1: I'm not a good cleaner. Oh, I'm good at keeping the house decently straightened up and looking clean. But really cleaning, (think under the couch, under the stove burners, the shelves in the fridge, windows...) not so much. I like to think this is a good attribute. Surely it's better to not be so fussy and have more time to enjoy 'important' things! :) I've not been up to par all week, battling a cold that just won't go away. Yesterday I decided to clean the inside of the fridge just so I could feel accomplished! I am amazed how every time I open the fridge today those shiny, unsmudged, glass shelves smile up at me and perk me up! ** Lesson 2: A 4 yr old's ability to eat heartily and request a granola bar fresh from the oven for dessert, only to eat half and say "I'm full!" Hmmm... so am I but I could eat 3 more! *** And then a quote... Jennifer was laying on the floor last night and needed a pillow to prop her elbows on. Lillian informed me later she needed 2 pillows, one for her "kneebows"! :)

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