Thursday, January 17, 2013

When flexibility pays back

How's my week? Well, my Tues plans had already fallen by the wayside b/c of a sick child, so I cheerfully went on to Wed. Thur had "appt w/ Midwife" penciled in, so I had things that needed to get done. About 10:20 my phone rang. midwife..."Hello" "Hello Bethany, were you still planning for today or are you just running late?" Uuhhh.... Sure enough, the card said plain as day: Wed, Jan 16!!! "It would suit me best if you could still come today..." Uuhh, sure! No problem. Chris already has off tomorrow to go w/ me, I'm not one bit ready to go anywhere, there's clothes in the washer, it's rainy outside, this is an hr and 20 min drive...."Sure! Let me see what I can do and I'll let you know what time." I could not believe it!! Thankfully I've been married 11 yrs to the "spur of the moment master" and have had lots of lessons on flexibility! Crazy scrambling ensued...but an hr later I was alone "calmly" picking Chris up and we were off! Guess what? He still has off today to work on our bedroom!! :)

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