Thursday, January 3, 2013

When Inspiration Doesn't Strike

It's something to 12 in the morning and I'm sitting on a little chair beside Lillian's bed. It's her turn for the flu that the rest of us took turns with while we were in AR. (Yes, every one of us was sick sometime in those 9 days. It was a memorable vacation if nothing else!) I think Lillian's acting worse than anyone else did! True, my turn was recent enough to know that you feel miserable! Still, do we have to lay half asleep and moan and cough and need mom's hand to touch? The rest of us just hunkered down and slept but it seems that's too much to ask of little miss who wants it all. You wonder why I don't just take her to bed w/ me? Me and children in bed don't mix. Never have. And right now I'm already sharing my bed with a big ball of a stomach. Nope. Might as well sit up and be awake rather than lay awake unable to move in my little spot for fear I'll wake someone up! Btw, this isn't meant to be an inspirational post. I tried an inspired post 3 times and it wouldn't. So I didn't. Happy New Year!

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Miller scribe said...

Aww, Sorry you got hit at such a bad time. Don't know how we managed to escape so far. We went as far as FL over the holidays but it was even there!