Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life continues with baby number 5 in the house. Sometimes i feel like normal has ceased to exist! I want to say that this addition has brought more adjustments and postpartum "junk" than any previous, but i have a feeling that time dims my memory and i may be wrong. The fact remains i've struggled with huge ups and downs, one time feeling thankful and blessed and treasuring it all and the next feeling so everwhelmed and like life is a black hole. I discovered at my 6 wk check up that my iron is low and have started taking a supplement for that. I really think i can tell a difference already! I was chalking all my tiredness up to poor nights of sleep but maybe it was more than that. Being tired can sure multiply every task to be done, every dark mood, every problem looming...just, a hurry!! Charles is becoming a smiling little bundle which makes it so much fun :) he
lights up when he's talked to and the children (and parents) never tire of seeing his wide grin!

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