Friday, June 28, 2013

Besides the Prize.....

I actually got a whole lot more out of reading the Bible in a month than just the coveted prize! #1 It proved to me that my oft used excuse of "no time to read the Bible" is just that: an excuse! And a lame one at that. What I really want to do, I make time for. Nuff said! #2 I got the whole picture of the Bible story from beginning to end in a way that I never have before. #3 The amazing and wonderful gift of the New vs. the Old was driven home like never before! I can't imagine living in the days of "You messed up? Stoning for you!" "Your forgot that law? Off with your head!" I mean, seriously! That's how it was in the O.T.! Thank you Jesus for the Cross and Grace!! #4 I proved to myself that I could stick w/ it and read the whole thing! There's something about doing a "huge, impossible" thing that makes you feel capable of maybe tackling more "huge, impossible" things! So, yes. It was very worth it in many ways. And now I've been reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker. Hmmm... What is God saying about huge things?!

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