Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just little things

Just little things- a story read, a hand held tight, a kiss in bed. A bandaide here, a kleen x there, a hug to show how much you care. Just little things- an empty sink, brother getting sis a drink. A stranger's smile, the folded clothes, a sunny sky, a baby's toes. Just little things- a cleaned up floor, a hand strteched out to hold the door. A "thank you" said, an "i love you", a "please", "you're welcome", "sorry" too. Just little things- clean sheets in bed, a pillow for a weary head. A gentle word, a voice that sings, a look that's shared, green growing things. These warm ourt heart, they bring a smile, they make the weary day worthwhile. Just little things- but tallied up, they make the joy fill up my cup!