Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Of Theories and Shoe Leather

I think God loves to take our theories and just see what we'll actually do w/ them! It's so easy to spin out theory. To wax eloquent and wise and sound good! It's quite another thing to put the theories in shoe leather and live them out. When your husband calls 15 min on his way to work and says, in a pain filled voice, "Are you gonna come pick me up and take me to the hospital?" When it's after lunch and there's still strawberries laying on the table to be made into jam and all I can do is hold a fussy baby. When two poor little girls are still wearing nighties and running around with bed heads at 2 p.m. because mom just hasn't gotten that far yet. When the 3 year old pleads "hold me, mom!" and it's impossible. Warm Paws anyone? Oh, it's so easy not to choose them! To scoff at the idea of a 3rd option and wonder who's idea that was anyway?! But it is possible, however small and reluctant the choosing may be, and just the thinking of it can turn the tide of gloom! I know. Because this was my day Tuesday.

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Miller scribe said...

I thought about warm paws right away when the hotline came around.