Thursday, July 25, 2013

5 wks til school?!

This is what you can accomplish when your baby gets you up at 5:30 a.m. i looked at the calendar the other day and couldn't believe my eyes! Only 5 more wks til school starts?? How did that happen?! I decided it's time to start sewing for my ever growing school girl! This has been a good summer. I think doing some intentional projects made it go more swiftly and happily than sometimes. Or maybe it's just because i dread seeing my babysitter leave every morning ...or because i'm not looking forward to that drive morning and afternoon... For whatever reason (and i'm sure it's a combination of several) i'm not feeling that "i'm so ready for school" feeling as much as usual. We've had fun together this summer. The 30 days of bible reading and the anticipated prizes were such good things for us! Right now we have a 30 days of good deeds deal going on! :) a little extra effort on parent's
parts can go so far!! So what all can we enjoy in 5 wks time...We'll never have this summer again!

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