Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dear baby

I love your smiles, baby, your bright eyes and ready grin light up my world. I love the little fat wrinkles in your legs and your tiny little feet. I love to watch you as you discover your hands and the fun of toys. I love to see you growing and learning! But i have a bone to pick w/ you baby dear. I thought we had this night time deal figured out! I thought you understood that 9:30 was a decent time to close those bright little eyes and that 3-4 hr stretches were acceptable lengths of sleep. I thought you agreed w/ me that after your middle of the night snack it was best to lay right back down and go on sleeping. Dear, dear baby. How did we ruin this great understanding we had? How did 11 and 12 become acceptable hrs to close your eyes and laying right back down and going on sleeping cease to be a good idea? I love you dearly baby, but i sure liked our old understanding better! Could
we try that again? Love always, mom

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