Monday, July 22, 2013

Our cabin last week in hocking hills oh

"the closer we live to reality, even in our special moments, the better off we are." -chris eicher vacations are wonderful, and i am so thankful we had the chance to get away last week! A beautiful little cabin in the woods, water and sand, spectacular scenery along hiking trails, good food, looking up random tourist attractions, time spent with my favorite people..... Yes, last week was just about perfect, and i am so thankful for the many good memories we made together! But, i'm reminded of this quote by chris and i believe there's so much truth there. If extra money, a beautiful cabin, 4 days off work, tourist attractions, etc etc are required for me to have a special moment, than my life is going to be pretty dull and my special moments few and far between!! I think it's important to do "big" things as a family sometimes. But even more important is noticing the many special
moments every "regular" day that we spend together! Special moments from "regular" is the best legacy!!

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