Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to school

Remember that "back to school" feeling: the butterflies-in-the-stomach excitement? All the fresh newness-notebooks full of crisp, blank pages. Long, sleek pencils. Erasers w/o a smudge. Beautiful, sharp crayons. Shiny, unbent folders. And shoes. Oh, the new shoes! Nothing spelled the beginning of a new school year quite like those beautiful, clean shoes. Soles unmarred, laces smooth and neat, and clean. Oh, the shiny cleanness that always seemed to disappear no matter how careful you were! And you were careful! Mud was avoided and smudges carefully wiped, but eventually they went the way of all the shoes before. They were stiff on feet that had run bare all summer, and they may have rubbed a little at first, but they made you feel cool! Important. And ready. Would anyone notice them? They made you feel taller and able to run faster! (come to think of it, i think i need a pair of new
shoes!!) :) happy school year my children! May the newness and excitement linger!

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