Thursday, August 22, 2013

God of the Ordinary

The floor is cluttered w/ toys and the leftovers of 2 little girls' card making session. Dishes are stacked in the sink and the sewing machine is strewn with dress pieces. The washer is finally silent after churning out it's fourth load of clean clothes, and the lines hang full in the sun and breeze. From the playroom loft comes the chatter of 2 little girls busily at play and the baby is peacefully sleeping. It's just a normal day around here. Granted, it's a bit unusual since my baby only woke up once last night and now he's taking a 3 hour nap, but basically normal. Too often I find myself only taking note of the unusual - The Terrible Day! The Wonderful Day! - and the normal, uneventful days slide by without recognition! Today I'm pausing to savor the "normal" - the mess, the work, the clutter, the happy chatter, the peaceful slumber, the sun dried laundry, the interruptions of little people... And saying, "Thank You. Thank You for being God of the normal and ordinary, too. Thank You for Today!"

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Rosita said...

I agree! Normal can be pretty wonderful, too.