Monday, September 9, 2013


I love it when my children's creativity takes me by surprise! Sometimes it's the things they come up with to play - everything piled in the "sleigh" and the reigns tied around a stuffed dog who is moving them to california! Sometimes its the things they come up with to wear - hats and scarves and gloves in the middle of summer, baskets for bonnets or spools stuck in flip flops for high heels. Sometimes they make amazing little play houses - blankets draped over couch cushions or tee pees built out of sticks outside. Sometimes the write creative little poems or stories. My girls are great card makers! The other day jennifer came and presented me with the card in the picture. She had taken a glue stick and flowers she found outside and made this all on her own! I loved it and was amazed once again at children's creativity and ingenuity! Sometimes it takes so little to do big and beautiful
things! Maybe that's something i could learn from the creative little people i live with :)

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