Thursday, October 31, 2013

Some days when the mother has lost way too much sleep, and the cares of life have bogged her down. When the everlasting redoing of mundane tasks makes her shoulders sag and her smile forced. When the might have been and i wish list grows long and the gifts of here and now grow dim. When the monumental task of training, disciplining, nurturing, growing children proves to be just too mountainous. Yes, on just such days as those, it behooves the mother to roll up her sleeves and turn out the meatballs and fixings! To pull out the pie pan and make a fancy pie just for her own. To hunt up the pretty table cloth and gather up the nice dishes and find a center piece. To pen names and notes on place cards and make little people smile upon hearing what she likes about them. The sparkle of eyes and excitement on faces is a sure melter of gloom and diminisher of cares if only the mother will do
it! *it was fun* :)


Rosita said...

You are a wonderful mother!

Faith said...

This is a good reminder for me....once upon a time I used to do a special meal with china on the anniversary day of month...I need to do this again!

Faith said...

Thanks for this sweet reminder!